Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long-Term Care Insurance

On this show this week, I had a couple of callers who wanted to know about insurance as they age. I recommended long-term care insurance as a good use of their insurance dollars.

Is Homeowner Insurance An Entitlement?

According to Mike Thomas (columnist for The Orlando Sentinel), homeowner insurance is about to become an entitlement under the homeowner insurance plan proposed by Governor Crist.

Life Insurance Whole Life or Term Life - Find Affordable Life ...

Life insurance, whether you need term or whole life, can be a major expense. We all know the importance of having adequate life insurance. The protection of loved ones is the major thing on the minds of millions of people.

Fifteen Insurance Policies You Don't Need

Learn how to save money by saying "no" to unnecessary coverage.

Property insurance in spotlight

TALLAHASSEE - Tallahassee is about to test a new governor, a new Legislature and "a new reality."

Florida Legislature - Special Session on Property Insurance

This afternoon, the 160 members of the Florida Legislature will convene in a special session to debate ideas designed to bolster the insurance market and bring down rates.

Liability Insurance for Translators

What happens if you've made a mistake in a $100 job, your client claims your mistake cost him $100000 and sues you for this amount?

National Landslide Insurance?

A letter-writer in today's paper is angry because Congress won't start a landslide insurance program for his hillside home. But that wouldn't make sense.

Insurance package for poor workers likely

Rupesh Janve in New Delhi | The finance ministry is expected to announce a life insurance package for below poverty line workers in the unorganised sector in the forthcoming Union Budget.

Some developing question about whole life insurance in support a L ...

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